By default, you see the Start Date and Start Time in the Multiline Time Entry and in the Summary Page in Salesforce for entering time.

The Salesforce administrator at your org can configure the screen such that the users can select only the Start Date and not the Start Time for entering time.

To enable only the Start date option

  • Log in to Salesforce as an administrator
  • Go to TT apps Tab
  • Click the name of the App Key and go to the Config button
  • Go to General Tab
  • Enable the "Hide Record Start Time" checkbox
  • Click the Save button

Now the TimeTracker users that track time using the TimeTracker Web app and in Salesforce see the Project, Task, Billable, Notes, and only Start Date and Hours Worked fields for entering time.

The TimeTracker User can now select Project/Job, Task, start date, and total hours worked on the select Project/Job.