Yes, now the V4S Kiosk application works offline, to avail this feature the V4S Mobile and V4S Kiosk application must be upgraded to below or above versions

  1. V4S Mobile: Upgrade the V4S Mobile application in your Salesforce Org to the latest version 1.23 or above from Salesforce App Exchange
  2. V4S Kiosk: Upgrade the V4S Kiosk application to version 2.1-77 from Google Play Store for Android phones and from iTunes Store for iPhones accordingly.

Once the applications are upgraded to the latest version the volunteers at your org can Check-In and Chek-Out when there is no proper data connectivity.

The V4S Kiosk User must have a proper data connection upon the first login of the day. Because the app syncs all the Volunteer data from Salesforce and is saved on the V4S Kiosk application. If there is no data connectivity then the app is not able to sync the data with Salesforce.

Also, the Volunteers must Signup for Jobs/Shifts when on Online, only then they are able to Check-In/Out for Jobs/Shifts when offline. The Volunteers must signup for the Jobs/Shifts because the V4S Kiosk application cannot search for Volunteers when offline. If the Volunteers have Signed up already and if the data is synced then Volunteers can click the Check-In/Out button from the Signed up volunteers list when offline.