Your V4S Mobile User record is created when you register yourself on the V4S Personal app for the first time. Your Volunteer Coordinator / V4S Administrator will share the App Key to be used with V4S Personal.

Download the V4S Personal app onto your mobile phone from the iTunes Store or from the Google Play Store, depending on whether your phone is an iPhone or an Android phone. Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone, click on the V4S Personal app on your phone.

Here is how you create your V4S Personal ID:

  • Click on the signup tab on the V4S Personal login screen, and enter the App Key that you have received from the V4S Admin, your Email ID, Password, and the Confirm Password, and hit the login button.
  • You see the My Profile page once you click on Register, enter your personal details on this screen, and click the done/submit button. Now the V4S Mobile user ID is created.

From the next login, you should only enter the password and login to the V4S Personal application on the device.

Note: At the time of Signup/Registration, please enter a password that you can remember easily. As the password entered upon the first login is saved and should be used for the future logins