Once you install the V4S Personal application on your device, you see Login and Signup screen. Please enter the App Key, Email ID, Password, and Confirm Password to get registered on the V4S Personal application.

  • dftly checks for the Contact with the same email ID in Salesforce and if it is not found dftly automatically creates a Salesforce Contact and a V4S Personal User ID for you
  • If the Contact already exists in Salesforce, dftly only creates a V4S Personal user ID
  • You should use the same Email ID and Password to login to the V4S Personal app from the next time


  1. The password entered on the login screen of V4S Personal for the first time is saved and the same password should be entered every time you log in to the V4S Personal application.
  2. We suggest you enter the proper/correct email ID when you register (signup) on the V4S Personal app the first time
  3. We suggest you to register yourself with the correct email ID is because, in the future, if you forget your Password and want to reset the Password by clicking the Forgot Password string. An OTP is sent to the same email ID that you registered at the time of the Registration
  4. on the V4S Personal application. We suggest you enter a correct email ID because in the future if you forget the password for the V4S Personal app and try to reset the password an the user enters the correct email ID because if a fake email ID is entered, then the V4S Personal User will have problems when they try to reset the password using Forgot password string on the V4S Personal login screen.
  • If fake email ID is entered at the registration time, then the OTP will be sent to the fake email ID and you cannot reset the password for your V4S Personal application