As you use applications, they start storing files to refer later. These files are stored in an app "cache." For instance: When you're using an Android or iPhone app, it'll save images and other pieces of information in the phone app so that they don't have to be downloaded each and every single time the app needs them.

Due to this sometimes the app performance is slow or V4S Personal Users are not able to log in to the app after entering the App Key, Email ID, and Password. To solve this issue, please clear the Cache of the V4S Personal application and then log in to the V4S Personal application.

To clear the cache for the V4S personal application on the Android device, go to the device setting tab, scroll down till you find the App Management, and click it. Search for the V4S personal application from the installed packages list and click it. You see the Clear data button and Clear Cache buttons. Click the Clear Data button and click Ok.

Now the Cached files are cleared on the android device for the V4S Personal.

To clear the data on the iPhone, double click the center button and clear the V4S Personal application from the recently used apps list.

Go back to the V4S Personal app on the phone and enter App Key, Email ID, and Password to login to the app. As you have cleared the cache you should enter all the information like App Key, Email ID, and the Password to re-login to the V4S Personal application.

Note: No data is lost from any of the apps on the phone if you clear Cache for the applications. Only the temporary files get deleted.