The classes are created as Shifts in the org, to signup to the class you must signup to a Shift on V4S Kiosk application.

More information is given below

If the teacher is an existing volunteer, i.e. if you are already listed as a contact in the Nonprofit's database, you can signup for a Shift in V4S Kiosk application from the Shift detail screen by following the instructions below

  • Go to Jobs and Shifts tab on V4S Kiosk application
  • Click the Job/Shift tile, for which you would like to signup as a teacher
  • From shift details search, click the "Don't see your name below? signup!" button
  • Search for your name and click the Signup button to signup to the Shift (class)
  • Click the Check-In button to check-in to the class

Follow this process below, if you are NOT already listed as Volunteer for the specific class

  • Go to Jobs/Shifts screen, where all the Job/shifts for today are listed
  • Click on the Shift that you want to sign up for. You are redirected to the Shift Detail page
  • You see a blue button that says "Don't see your name below? Sign up!". click it
  • You see a pop-up where you can search for your name with your Name, Email ID or phone number. Please note that the Name, Email ID or phone number must be entered exactly the way as it is in Salesforce (hyphens, spaces, etc)
  • Click Search magnifier glass to search your contact info
  • The search list comes up with a Signup button 
  • Click the signup button which is there on the screen with your contact information
  • Signup button now turns to Check-In,
  • Click the Check-in button to Check-In to the class
  • Once the shift is completed, click the Check Out button from the same screen to check out of the class.