Team Lead is a User that has an option to Clock-In/Out and Check-In/Out for herself and for her team members for Travel, Job/Projects using the Mobile Time Tracker application on her device

Creating a Team Lead User ID

  • Log in to Salesforce as Admin User, and click the new button on the Users tab.
  • Enter Time Tracker User details as Employee ID, Name, Email, etc., fields marked in Red are mandatory fields
  • Assign Team, click here to know more about creating Teams and here for assigning Team to Team Lead
  • Select Team from the "Clock in multiple users" field
  • Set user type as Team
  • Select the "App Key Name" in the TT App Name field and click the save button.


  1. It is not necessary to create a new App Key every time when you create a new User
  2. Multiple App Keys must be created in the org, only if there are different location where the users track time and each location has a different type of configuration setup
  3. Select the App Key that the User must use to log in to the MTT application on the device

Now the Team Lead ID is created and when the Team Lead logs in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce application on the device, she sees all her Team member names with an option to Clock In/Out and Check-In/Out for Job/Travel for herself and for her team members.