Only a TT User who is also a Salesforce User can Check-In to Jobs within Salesforce.

Please create Salesforce User and then create the mobile Time Tracker User ID's. While creating Mobile Users, please link Salesforce User ID with the Mobile user. Only then the Salesforce user has an option to Check-In for a Job within Salesforce. 

Link TT User ID with Salesforce User ID


  • Upgrade/install the Mobile Time Tracker application version 1.12 or above in Salesforce from Salesforce App Exchange
  • From Salesforce Admin ID, go to TT users tab, you see a list of user. IF the TT User IDs are not created in your org create them. Click here to know more
  • If the users are already created, then search for the user from the list, and from user edit page, click on the Salesforce user field. Search for the user and add it to link the Salesforce user with Mobile Time Tracker user. Click the  Save button.
  • Now the Mobile Time Tracker User is linked with her Salesforce ID.

When the TT User Logs in to Salesforce and clicks the Time Tracker Tile they see all Mobile Time Tracker related Tabs with a button at the bottom of the Salesforce screen as "Track Time". Using the Track Time button Salesforce User can Check-in/Out for Jobs within Salesforce.

Please note that there is no Clock-In/Out button to track time within Salesforce, you see only Check-In and Check-Out buttons for tracking time.