Only a User that is also a Salesforce User can track time in Salesforce.

To create the user to track time in Salesforce

  • Log in to Salesforce as administrator, and go to the TT users tab, click the new button, and enter user details like Name, First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, etc., Then link the user with their Salesforce user in the Salesforce User field. Select the "Allow Individual use, not team use" check box, and the user type as "Individual user" and click the Save button.

The fields marked with red * are mandatory, other fields are optional.

You should also add the Salesforce user to the Manage License list, only then the Salesforce users can have access to the TimeTracker objects in Salesforce and track time.

To add the users to the Manage Licenses list

  • Click on Setup and search for Installed packages, and click the Manage Licenses string of the PK4 TimeTracker app. Click the Add Users button and add the users that need to have access to the TimeTracker objects for tracking time.

Now, the user is created, linked with  Salesforce user, and has access to the PK4 TimeTracker objects and can track time in Salesforce.

Please note that there is no Clock-In/Out button for tracking time in Salesforce. The user can only Check-In and Check-Out for Jobs/Projects in Salesforce.