If you are a Salesforce user and also a Mobile Time Tracker user, then you can track your time within Salesforce. Your Salesforce Admin must connect your Mobile Time Tracker user ID with your Salesforce ID. 

After your Salesforce Admin has linked your Salesforce ID to your Mobile Time Tracker ID, track time for Projects or Jobs within Salesforce

  • Log in to your Salesforce ID
  • Click on app launcher and click Mobile Time Tracker tile
  • You see the Mobile Time Tracker related tabs and also a "Track Time" button at the utility bar in Salesforce on the left-hand side bottom of the Salesforce screen
  • Click  the "Track Time" button
  • Select the objects to track time and click the Check-In button
  • Once the job is completed, click the Check-out button

If you don't see the "Track Time" button at the utility bar, please contact your Salesforce Admin.