Yes, the First, Second, and Third level objects can be made dependent.

e.g: If the First, Second, and Third level objects are Projects, Tasks, and Work types, you can link Tasks with Projects and Work types with Tasks.

This way the users see related Tasks and Work types when they select the Projects to track time.

To link Project, with Task, and Work types

Go to Task and add a new Task by clicking the new button in Salesforce. Then select the Project to link with the Task and Save it.

If the Project is not created already, create a new project by clicking the New Project from the same screen and then link it with Task.

In the same way, you can link Tasks with Work types. 

Once you have created the related Projects and Tasks, please link the dependent Object details in the PK4 TimeTracker configuration screen.

  • Go to the TT Apps tab and click on the App Key name to set up the configurations. Click the config button and go to the Pop-up-List tab.
  • Select the first level object as Project,
  • Then in the Second level object, select Task and select the "Dependent to Object" as Project

Follow the same instructions for the Third Level Object for Worktype and the "Dependent to Object" as Task and save the configurations.

Now when the user selects the Project for tracking the time they see the Task related to the selected Project and the Work Types related to the selected Task.

Samples on the Dependent Object configuration, you see different Task for each Project. The objects might vary in your org. The app shows the object names that are selected in the PK4 TimeTracker configurations.