The App Key serves as an identifier for users to log into the TimeTracker application and is automatically generated in your Salesforce organization upon installing the PK4 TimeTracker application from Salesforce App Exchange.

The App Key encompasses various configurable items within PK4 TimeTracker, including:

- Objects that users will track time to

- The specific subset of records within an object that a user group is authorized to track time to

- Specific behaviors within the TimeTracker app, and more.

To view the list of App Keys, navigate to the TT Apps tab in Salesforce. The Salesforce Administrator has the capability to create new App Keys in the organization. Creating multiple app keys becomes useful when different configurations are required for various groups of TimeTracker users in the organization.

To create a new App Key:

1. Log in to Salesforce as an administrator.

2. Go to the TT Apps tab.

3. Click the "New" button.

4. Enter the desired App Key name.

5. Click "Save," and the App Key will be auto-generated upon saving.

This process allows for flexibility in configuring TimeTracker to suit the diverse needs of different user groups within your organization.

Note: The App Key Name should not be edited!