Notifications can be enabled for any custom or standard objects of Salesforce. To enable the notifications,

  • Set up the Salesforce objects and field changes 
  • Configure the Time Tracker app to send out Notifications.

Note: Notifications do not work in the Trial Licenses of the PK4 TimeTracker. They work only in the Paid/Active licenses

  • To enable the notifications (e.g: To enable notification for Project Assignments), log in to Salesforce as Administrator and click the Setup button,
  • Click the Object Manager link and search for Project Assignment,
  • Click the "Fields and Relationship" from the list, and click the "Set History Tracking" button, which is on the top right-hand side of the screen
  • Select the following Checkboxes:
  1. Assignment Start Date
  2. Assignment End Date
  3. Project Assignment
  4. TT Project
  5. TT User
  • Click the Save button and save the changes.

Now, whenever any of the fields that you enabled/selected in the field history screen are modified/added to a Project. A Notification is sent to the TimeTracker Users and they see them on their device notification screen.


Here is what you need to do to enable the notifications:

Notifications must be enabled for a specific App Key. This App Key should be the one that the Time Tracker Users use normally to log in to the Time Tracker application.

  • Go to the "TT Apps" Tab in Salesforce, and from the App Key list, click on the App name that the users use to log in to the TimeTracker application
  • The page is redirected to the App Edit page, you see the "Config" button on the right-hand top of the screen, click it,
  • You will see a pop-up for making configuration changes, as in the screenshot below. Select the Notification tab
  • Select notification type, Object name, Function to Trigger, and details for Notification Header and Body



There are 2 types of Notifications that can be enabled in the TimeTracker app

  1. Enable Poll Notification Integration
  2. Enable Trigger Notification Integration

Enable Poll Notification Integration: Every 8 minutes the app checks for any changes made to projects on the fields that were marked in the "Assignment Field History" and notifies the TimeTracker User with a notification. When Time User clicks on the notification from the notifications bar on the device, the Project is synced with the latest changes. And the Projects list is updated with the changes and is also available on the Calendar page (if the calendar is enabled).

Enable Trigger Notification Integration: This is the Notification that notifies Time User immediately when a New Project is created or any changes are made to the existing Projects in Salesforce. And the changes are updated in the Projects List, Combo list available for Start Job/Travel, and is also available on the Calendar page (if the calendar is enabled).

Enable the notification as per your requirement.

Changed Fields: Enter the API names of all the fields on those changes/additions you want your users to be Notified of

  • e.g. based on the selections that we made in the previous step, you would need to add the following API field names in the Changed Field box:


Now set up the Notification Header and Body. This is the information that the users will see on the device as a notification

  1. Notification Header: A text field that will help the user identify what the Notification is about. In the Project Assignment example that we have used, you could set up the Notification Header to be: "A new project has been assigned to you"
  2. Notification Body: Detailed information about the Notification: "You have new Project Assignments synced from Salesforce"