By default, the users see the list of Projects, Tasks, and Work types for tracking time in the PK4 TimeTracker application.

The list can be to Standard or Custom Objects in your Salesforce Org

To change the list for tracking time

  • Login into Salesforce as Administrator and go to the TT Apps Tab
  • From all view lists, click on the Name of the App Key for changing the objects to track time (Please make the configuration changes to the same app key that the users use to log into the PK4 TimeTracker app)
  • Click on the Config button, and go to the Pop-up List Tab
  • Make the changes for the below-mentioned fields
  1. Object in Salesforce that you want to track time to: Change the Objects from Project to any other object that you want to track time to
  2. Field that you want to display: Select the field to be displayed for tracking time for the above-selected Object
  3. Select Mandatory: Make the selected object Mandatory or non-mandatory for the Check-ins
  4. Prefix & Postfix: You can add a code or a text in the Prefix or the Postfix fields, and the same will show in the object list that is selected for tracking time
  5. Additional fields that you want to display: You can add any additional fields from the selected object for tracking time

                     e.g. If you are tracking time for Project, the additional fields can be Project Code, Project Description, Project created date, etc.,

You can also enable the address fields from the selected list (Object), by selecting the address field on the same screen.

  • Merge: Any Salesforce object can be merged with the First list that you selected for tracking time

You can configure the Second and Third level lists by following the same instructions as above.

To remove the Second or Third-level list, go to the Second or Third-level objects screen. Select the blank field from the list in the "Object in Salesforce that you want to track time to:" and Save the Configurations.