To create TimeTracker users, you must be logged in to Salesforce as a Salesforce Administrator in your Org.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a new TimeTracker User designated as an Approver:

1. Navigate to the TT Users Tab.

2. Click on the New button.

3. Complete all the required details on the User page (fields marked in Red are mandatory).

4. Choose "Approver" from the "User Type" field.

5. Link the Salesforce User/Salesforce Contact with the TT User (if the Contact does not exist, please add a new Contact in Salesforce for this TT User).

6. Click the Save button.

Now, the TimeTracker User is created as an Approver and can approve the Time Entries of the individuals reporting to them.

Next steps:

1. Go to the TT Users list. Select the User record for a User who reports to this Approver.

2. In the Reporting Manager field, choose the Approver you have just set up as the Reporting Manager.

3. Repeat this process for all TT Users whose time is to be approved by this Approver.

If the Approver logs into Salesforce, they need to click on the Time Review tab and then click on the Approvals link to view the Time details of the people reporting to them.

If the Approver uses the Time Tracker web app, they should click the Pending tab in the left-hand side menu to view the Time Sheet details for all the people reporting to them and approve them.

Note: The TT User should either be a Salesforce User OR a Salesforce Contact in your Org. Adding a Salesforce Contact is mandatory as the OTP on Change Password is sent to the Email ID in the Salesforce Contact record or to the email that is in the TT user record. If the correct email ID is not given for the Salesforce Contact or in the TT User screen, then the TT User will encounter problems when attempting to reset their TimeTracker password.