The Salesforce Administrator at the org should upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application to the latest version.

To upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application

  • Login to the Salesforce Admin ID
  • On a new browser Tab login to the Salesforce App Exchange and search for the PK4 TimeTracker application and click it
  • Click the "Get it Now" button for the PK4 TimeTracker app
  • Click on the Login button and select the Org for Installation, whether it is Production or Sandbox
  • On Confirm Installation screen, please recheck the profile details and if necessary use the edit button to make any changes in the profile and save it
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions by clicking the CheckBox
  • Click the Confirm and Install button
  • The page is now redirected to Salesforce login
  • Enter the Salesforce ID and Password (the same Salesforce Admin ID that the PK4 TimeTracker app has to be upgraded)
  • Select the installation instructions (Admin or All Users)
    • If Admin is selected then the PK4 TimeTracker Objects (Tabs) are shown only to Admin Users in Salesforce
    • If the "All Users" button is selected, then all Salesforce Users in the Org will have access to the PK4 TimeTracker Objects (Tabs) in their Salesforce
  • Click the upgrade button.

Now the app will start upgrading to the latest version, and once the app is upgraded there is a message on the screen that says the app has been upgraded.

You can check the app version of the PK4 TimeTracker application in Salesforce org under the Installed packages list.