The Email Messages tab shows the email details sent to the recipients using the PK4Connect app.

There is one record created for each recipient from the email blast. Let's think you have sent an email blast on 27th April, and an entry is created in the Email Messages tab with SM number, recipient name, the email sent on Date and Time and the Most Recent Message status as Delivered, Bounced, etc.,

If a recipient opens the email on 28th April, the Email Messages list gets updated with the email opened Date and Time and the "Most Recent Message Status" as Opened.

You see the detailed information of the Email Messages tab when you click the SM number in the Email Messages list view, the Email Messages details screen shows the following

  • Campaign name
  • Sent to
  • Email Sent Date and Time
  • From email Id
  • Sent Instance ID
  • The counts on how many times the email is opened,
  • Number of times they have clicked the links in the email (if any links shared in the email)
  • Number of times they have clicked the unsubscribe link
  • The Times Updated field shows the total counts from the time the email campaign was submitted, email opened, clicked any links in the email, and clicked the unsubscribe link.

The Salesforce user or the Manager who sends the Email Blast need not manually update the recipients list with Bounced or unsubscribed details. All the details get updated automatically in Salesforce if you send email blast using the PK4Connect app.