Yes, you can create an email template of your own and use it. You can create a new email template from the "Create my own" tab in the Setup Email Template screen.

The template-related options in the PK4Connect wizard are:


  • Select Saved Template:
    • You can create your own email templates in Salesforce and use them for sending email blast, click here to know more
  • Use Starter Template:
    • There are some pre-designed email templates in the PK4Connect app
    • You can make changes to the pre-designed templates like adding images, changing the data in the templates, adding text messages, etc., and save the templates
    • The saved templates are then shown in the Saved Templates folder in the PK4Connect app, which can be used for sending an email blast
    • Click here to know more about editing the existing email templates
  • Create My Own:
    • You can create your own email template at the time of sending emails to the recipients. Click on Create My Own from the Setup Email Template screen, design your own template, and use the templates for sending emails My Own Roll. Click here to know more