You see the error as "Geolocation error done without location since access not permitted" if you are on the older version of the PK4 TimeTracker application. 

There are 2 options for location tracking in the PK4 TimeTracker app, 

  1. Location tracking for Clock-In/Out
  2. Save location for Check-In/Out

If you have enabled the location tracking for Clock-In/Out and Check-In/Out by selecting the "Location tracking" in the PK4 TimeTracker configuration screen. The address is tracked in JSON format and looks like below

{"altitude":910.9011306762695,"details":{"plus_code":{"compound_code":"2HQH+85 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India","global_code":"7J5V2HQH+85"},"results":[{"address_components":[{"long_name":"17","short_name":"17","types":["street_number"]},{"long_name":"6th Main Road","short_name":"6th Main Rd","types":["route"]},{"long_name":"NGEF Layout","short_name":"NGEF Layout","types":["neighborhood","political"]},{"long_name":"Sachidananda Nagar","short_name":"Sachidananda Nagar","types":["political","sublocality","sublocality_level_3"]},{"long_name":"Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage","short_name":"Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage","types":["political","sublocality","sublocality_level_2"]},

The JSON format is saved with latitude and longitude details and takes more time to save it in Salesforce, also consumes more space in the TT details screen. And as it consumes more time to save the details, you might see the error on the device as "Geolocation Error Done without location, since access not permitted" when you try to Clock-Out or Check-Out on the device.

To fix this, please disable the Checkbox, Location tracking for Clock-In/Out, and Check-In/Out and only enable "Save Location" Check-boxes for Clock-In/Out and Check-In/Out.

By enabling the save button, it saves only the address from where the users have Clocked-In/Out and Checked-In/Out and you will not see the Geolocation error.