Yes, you can see where the user has Clocked-In, Clocked-Out, Checked-In, and Checked-Out in Salesforce. To enable the location tracking, please upgrade the Mobile Time Tracker application to version 1.72 or above version in Salesforce from Salesforce App Exchange.

Once the app is upgraded to the latest version, enable the location tracking for Clock-In/Out and Check-In/Out, in the TT apps tab.


Once the location tracking is enabled in Salesforce, the location is saved and shown in Salesforce in the TT details screen under the location section, or you can see the location details in the "Map Location" tab.

To see the Map location details of a user, go to the "Map Location" tab, select the Check-In type, Check-In mode, date, and an option to select a particular user and click the Apply button to see the location details of the selected user. You see the location details as in the screenshot below.