Set up is quick and easy, once the PK4 TimeTracker application is integrated with the Xero app, the invoices can be generated automatically with some setup in Salesforce.

Integrating the Xero and the PK4 TimeTracker application,

Process the oAuth for the PK4 TimeTracker application by following the instructions here if not done earlier. The oAuth should be processed before you start integrating the Xero app with PK4 TimeTracker

  • Click the TT setup tab and click on Connect to Xero button. You see the message as "PK4 TimeTracker for Xero want to access" and shows the company name with Allow Access button,
  • Click the Allow Access button, you see the message "Thankyou, you are all set", close this Tab
  • Go to the TT Setup tab again in Salesforce, Select the Scheduler sync frequency and select the Sobject, the same object which users track time in your org. Then click the Get Contact and Generate Invoices button and click the Save button
  • Create TimeTracker users to track time, click here to know more about creating users
  • Click here to know more about giving the TimeTracker user access to the Xero app.

Now the users are created and once the users start to track time for the Projects, the invoices get created in the Xero application under the billing tab,

Settings to be done on the Xero application

  • Login to the Xero app, click the settings button, and click the Connected Apps tab, you see the connected apps list. Click the "connect" button which is next to PK4 TimeTracker application.
  • Now the Xero app is integrated with the PK4 TimeTracker application and Invoices can be generated automatically by setting up a scheduler in the org.

Once the Xero app is integrated with the PK4 TimeTracker application, please create a schedulers for generating invoices in the Xero app and a scheduler for syncing the Xero contacts to Salesforce.

  • Click here to know more about creating the scheduler for generating invoices
  • Click here for syncing contacts from Xero to Salesforce.