The images shown for the Jobs/Shifts cannot be changed from the V4S Personal application. You can change the images for the Jobs/Shifts using the V4S Kiosk application.

Once you change the images for the Job or Shift in the V4S Kiosk app. The images get changed in the V4S Personal application also. Click here to know more.

Also, the V4S Personal application shows images based on the logic mentioned below

  • If the Job has an attached image, added from the V4S Kiosk application
  • If there is no default image or any image setup for the Job, then the V4S Personal application searches for the address on the Job. Then it will get the photo for the address from Google Maps and shows that image for the Job or related shifts
  • And if there is no address for the Job/Shift, then the app will show the default image.