You should add the Available Vacation days in the "PTO Current Status" tab for each user. The PTO days should be added according to the PTO status,

e.g: Vacation types can be Sick, Vacation, Other, Personal, etc.,

To add the vacation days for users

  • Go to the PTO current Status tab in Salesforce, click the new button, add the TimeTracker user Name with vacation type (e.g: Prescilla-Paul--Vacation), Total Days, Available Days, Pending Approval Days, select the user from the user's list, and the PTO Type, and click the save button.
  • The Available Days and Pending Approval Days fields get updated automatically when the user applies for the PTO and the PTOs are approved.

Note: The Total Days, Available Days, and Pending Approval Days should be manually added in Salesforce only once initially.

The PTO data gets updated automatically when the TimeTracker user requests a PTO and the PTO manager approves it.


You can also import the PTO Current Status data for the users. The sample file for uploading the PTO's Current Status is attached