This might be happening because of two reasons

  1. If you have checked in for a Job on the device and again Checked-In to the Job from Salesforce or from Web app without Checking out from your first Check-in
  2. Then you try to Check-Out for the Job from Salesforce or from the Web app. Now you see the message as "XN ID not found".
    • This happens because the first Check-In was not checked out. But the status continues to show not-checked-out because there is still one record that is not checked out.
  3. The Sync mechanism did not recognize this, and the second Checked-In record never showed up on the device. So check-out is not consistent/fails.

The sync mechanism is now fixed in the upgraded version of the Mobile Time Tracker app. Even then we suggest you not to use the Mobile Time Tracker application on the device, Salesforce, or on the Web at the same time.