The Salesforce user that is also a Mobile Time Tracker can track time in Salesforce for the Jobs/Projects they work on.

And if the Salesforce user is a Manager they can approve PTOs and Expenses in Salesforce of the users that report to them.

To link the Salesforce user-ID with the Mobile Time Tracker user-ID, log into Salesforce as administrator, and go to the TT users tab, click the new button, and enter user details like Name, First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, etc.,

Search for the Salesforce user and add it in the Salesforce User field. Select the "Allow Individual use, not team use" check box, user type as "Individual user", and Clock in Multiple Users to None and click the Save button.

The Salesforce User-ID and the Mobile Time Tracker user-ID are now linked and the Salesforce user can track time in Salesforce for the Projects/Jobs they work on.