You see the expenses requested by the users under the Expenses Tab and in the TT Expenses tab in Salesforce

To approve the User Expenses go to the Expenses tab in Salesforce, 

The expenses tab has two sub tabs as My Expenses and Expenses Approvals

  • Go to the Expenses Approvals sub-tab.
  • By default, the Expenses approvals screen shows the expense request for the current month of all the users for whom you are marked as Expense Manager.
  • Click the + button that is at the end of each Expense row to see the details. Then click the Approve button to approve the Expenses. Or the Reject button to Reject the expenses

By default,

  • The Expenses Approvals screen shows the expenses requested by all the users for whom you are marked as Expense Manager
  • You see the Expenses request for the current month
  • To view the expenses of a particular date or a particular user, select the from and to dates from the calendar and the user from the user list, and click the apply button.

There are 3 sub-tabs as Pending, Approved/Reimbursed, and Rejected under the Expenses Approvals screen.

  1. The Pending tab shows the expenses that are pending for approvals
  2. The Approved/Reimbursed screen shows the expenses that are approved and reimbursed. 
    • You should manually change the status of the expense to reimbursed in the Approved/Reimbursed screen once the expenses are reimbursed
  3. You see the Rejected Expenses in the Rejected tab.


The user can attach the images of the bills while requesting an Expense. You can view those attachments by clicking the attachment button in the pending screen.