An App Key is created automatically when you install the Mobile Time Tracker application in your Salesforce org. The same App Key can be used for all the Time Tracker users in your org. 

Different App Keys should be created only if you have people/users tracking time for different objects in your org.

  • e.g: Tracking time for Cases, Leads, Projects, Opportunities, etc.,

Create a new App Key for Cases, Leads, Projects, etc., Click here to know more about creating a new App Key.

Once you created the App Keys, set up the configuration for the App Keys according to the Objects that the users track time to.

If the support users are using Mobile Time Tracker application, the App Key should be configured in such a way that the users see only Cases when they login to the Mobile Time Tracker application.

The Users working on Projects should see only the Projects when they log in to the Mobile Time Tracker application, etc.,


  • Please share the App Key with the users that track time using the Mobile Time Tracker Web app or the Mobile application
  • Please link the App Key with the user ID while creating the time tracker users ID for the user that track time in Salesforce