There are 2 types of lighting components that work in the Salesforce mobile application for tracking time

  1. Multiline Time Entry
  2. Live Tracking

Salesforce mobile app does not support tracking time from the Utility Bar or using the auto time tracking.

Multiline Time Entry:

  • Using the Multiline Time entry screen you can add the time that you worked already, and a time detail is created in Salesforce
    • e.g: If you are entering the time at the end of the day of all the Jobs that you worked in a day then you can use the Multiline Time entry screen

Live Tracking:

  • Live tracking component can be added to an Object (e.g. Project), and you are automatically Checked-In for the Project once you go to the view page of a Project
  • You also have a Pause button to stop tracking time o if you want to take a break
  • Click the re-start button on the screen, and start tracking time for the same project again