Kiosk ID is usually used in an office where multiple people use the same device for Check-In/Out.


  • A device at the entrance of an office is used only for Check-Ins.
  • And the device at an exit point is used only for the Check-Outs.

The same user ID is used to log in to both the Check-In and Check-out devices.

Whenever a user Checks-In or Checks-Out on a device, the other device syncs the app and gets updated with the latest Check-In status.

Note: Please leave the app for about 3 to 5 minutes to sync the data after you log in. While the data is syncing, it looks like the app froze, but actually, the app is getting synced with the user status.

Also, the app freezes even if you log in on an iPad and then on an Android device or on two Android devices.