The default approval Status in the TimeTracker application is set as "Pending Approval". As the status is set as Pending Approval, the approval Manager sees your time entries immediately after you enter the Time details and submit them.

  • The Salesforce administrator at your org can set up the default status for the time details as "Unsubmitted" in Salesforce, by following the instructions here
  • By setting up the default status as Unsubmitted, all the time entries that you enter are only saved in Salesforce and not submitted for approval.
  • You can review your time details from the "Time Review" tab in Salesforce and edit them if necessary and then submit them for approval,
  • To edit the time details, click the "Eye" icon you see at the end of each time entry. (as in the 2nd screenshot below)
  • After editing the time entries, change the approval status from "Unsubmitted" to "Pending Approval" click the Submit button and submit it for approval.

Note: You can edit the time details only if the Approval Status is set as “Unsubmitted”, “Pending Approval” or “Awaiting Correction”. You cannot edit the time details after once they are approved.

By default, there are 5 types of Approval Statuses, 

  • Unsubmitted,
  • Pending Approval,
  • Awaiting Correction,
  • Approved, and
  • Rejected

The Salesforce Administrator at your org can remove the default approval status and add new approval status as per your orgs requirements.