There is a discuss screen in the Time Review page, you and your approval manager can enter your notes on this screen.

  • You see all the time details entered by you in the Time Review screen in Salesforce,
  • There is an "Eye" icon at the end of each time entry, click it and you see the "Detail" and "Discuss" screen,
  • The detail screen shows your time entries. You can edit the time entries from the details screen, if any changes are to be done, 
  • To add comments related to that specific time entry. Go to the Discuss screen and add your comment in the comment box, and click the "Post" button
  • The comment you added for the time entry is specific to the selected time entry. Your Manager can view your comments from the same discuss screen and reply to you by adding his comments

Note: currently, there is no alert message to the user or the Manager to know that there is a comment added to the Time Entry. 

  • A new feature will be implemented soon, such that an alert email will be sent to the Manager when you add comments to your time details.
  • If the Manager adds any comment to a Time Entry, the Manager can change the Status of the Time Entry to "Awaiting Correction". Then check it, make the necessary changes and submit it for approval.