You can add notes to a time entry from the Time Review screen,

  • You see all the time details of the users that report to you in the Time Review screen in Salesforce,
  • Click the "Eye" icon that is at the end of each time entry, you see the "Detail" and "Discuss" screens,
  • The detail screen shows the user time details, 
  • The discuss screen is for adding your comments. Enter your comments in the discuss screen and post it,
  • The comment you added is specific to that time details and the user sees your comment when they go to the Discuss screen from My Time screen in Salesforce or the TimeTracker Web app. The user can check your comments and reply to your comment from the same discuss screen. 

Note: There is no alert message when a new comment is added by the Approver or the user. We will soon implement a feature where the Approver or the user will be alerted when you have a new message in the discuss screen.