You see the assigned Tasks in the Assignments tab,

There are two sub-tabs in the Assignments tab My Tasks and All Taxes

  • The My Task sub-tab shows all the tasks assigned to the logged in user. This can be useful for the users to see their own task and prioritize their work
  • All Task sub tab shows tasks assigned to the users reporting to you. This is helpful for the Managers or team leads to see what tasks have been assigned to their team members and to monitor progress,
  • By default, the all tasks tab displays the Project Name, Task Assigned, User Assigned, Assigned by, etc., of the last month. However the users can change the fields (columns) in the view using the filter option and save preferences button,

You also see the user details in the Gantt tab,

  • To view task assignments for a specific project in the Gantt tab, you would need to select the project from the project list in the Gantt tab.
  • Once you have selected the project, you will be able to see all the task assignments for the users assigned to the selected project.
  • In the Gantt chart, user initials are displayed in the initial icon for each task assigned to a user. If you hover over the icon, it will display the user's full name assigned to that task.
  • Alternatively, you can also view the task assignment details page to see the full name of the user assigned to a specific task.

Note: You can edit the task from the same screen by following the instructions here.

Board Tab,

  • You see user names when you hover over the people icon in the Board Tab.

Resources tab,

  • You see all the assignments and the user names in the Resources tab as in the screenshot below