There are 4 types of TimeTracker applications and the users can track time using any of the TimeTracker application

  • TimeTracker Mobile app
  • TimeTracker in Salesforce
  • TimeTracker Chrome app
  • TimeTracker Web app

Please enable the Sync with Mobile Devices, for the app key that the TimeTracker users use in your org for tracking time,

  • Go to the TT Apps tab
  • Click the App Key name
  • You see the app key details screen,
  • Enable the "Sync to Mobile Devices" checkbox
  • Click the Save button

Once you enable the Sync to Mobile devices check box, the Clock-In/Out and the Check-In/Out is synced all over apps.

e.g: If the TimeTracker user has Clocked-In/Out or Checked-In/Out to a Project using the TimeTracker Mobile application the same is synced with Salesforce, Web app, and Chrome app.

If the Sync to Mobile Devices are not enabled, then the Clock-In/Out or the Check-In/Out is not updated across the TimeTracker application.