PK4 TimeTracker offers optional one-way integration from Jira to Salesforce, where Worklogs entered in Jira are brought into Salesforce as Time Details. The Time Details that are created in this manner can be mapped to other Salesforce records, for example, as Time Details against a Case.

Let's see how to link Jira users with the TimeTracker user

  • Create the TimeTracker users in your org by following the instructions here, (if you have not created them earlier)
  • Once the TimeTracker users are created, go to the PK4 Licenses tab in Salesforce
  • Select the TimeTracker user from the License for TT user field
  • Select the app in the PK4 Module as Jira integration
  • Assigned on and License Valid thru date (Start and End dates to have access to the Jira application)
  • Click the Save button
  • Now the TimeTracker user will have access to the Jira app in the PK4 Module list,
  • If the TimeTracker user has to have access to multiple modules of the TimeTracker app, like PTO, Expenses, etc., then you should create a PK4 License and link the required module with it and save it.
    • As only one module can be selected at a time in the PK4 Licenses screen.