The TimeTracker user that is also a Slack user, can now Clock-In, Clock-Out, Check-In, and Check-Out of Projects using the Slack application. 

To Clock-In or Check-In from Slack, you should first create a TimeTracker user and link it with the Slack user by following the instructions below

  • If you have not created the TimeTracker users earlier, create them by following the instructions here
  • Once the TimeTracker user is created, go to the PK4 Licenses tab in Salesforce
  • Select the TimeTracker user from the License for TT user field
  • Select the app in the PK4 Module as Slack Integration
  • Assigned on and License Valid thru date (Start and End date to have access to the selected app in the PK4 Module)
  • Click the Save button
  • Now the TimeTracker user can log in to Slack and Clock-In/Check-In by following the instructions below,
    • Go to PK4 TimeTracker in Slack,
    • Go to the messages sub-tab,
    • Enter the command /pk4 checkin
    • Select the Project and Task
    • Click the Check-in button
    • You are now Checked in
    • To Check-Out, enter the command /pk4 checkout, and you are checked out
    • All the Check-In and Check-Out details are saved in Salesforce in the TT Details tab