The PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension helps you to track time right in Chrome, without having to log into any other app. To track time using the Chrome Extension, install the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension app by clicking the link below. This will only work if you are using the Chrome browser. We don't support any other browsers at this time, sorry!



This will automatically install the Chrome Extension into your browser. If it does not, then you will need to download the zip file that the link leads to, then add the Chrome Extension to the browser by following the instructions here.

The Salesforce Administrator at your org creates a User ID for you and App Key, Employee ID, and Password is emailed to you.

To login to the TimeTracker app, click the PK4 TimeTracker icon on the browser,

Enter the App Key, Employee ID, and the Password, and click the Login button.

Track Time/Check-In


  • After you log in click the Check-In button,
  • Select the Project, Task, and Work Type and click the Check-In button to Check-In
  • You are now Checked-In and the app starts to track time,
  • Click the Check-Out button after you finish working on the Project, add notes if any, click the done button, and then the Check-Out button
  • You are now Checked-Out of the Project.

All the Check-In/Outs made using the Chrome Extension module are saved in Salesforce and are visible to the Managers that you report to.