The Profitability reports show you the profits that the company has made against each Project after the company expenses.

By creating the Profitability reports, you will know how much you have paid to the Employees and how much you billed to the Clients and what is the profit margin.

To get the profitability details you should add the Hourly billing rate and hourly loaded cost to the TimeTracker users in Salesforce. Then use those fields for calculations in the report to see the profits against each Project.

The Hourly Loaded cost is the employee's charges per hour and the Hourly billing rate is the rate that your company bills to the clients.

We have some default reports in the TimeTracker application that shows the profit details by Project and by User.

Please check the default report

  • User Profitability by month
  • Project Profitability by month

The User Profitability by month report shows which user has worked on what Project, the total hours worked on the specific Project, expenses by the user, and the total billed to the client. The report also shows the profits that you made against each project after all these expenses. 

If you want to see the same report against Project, then check the report "Project profitability by month". This report shows the Project details, which user has worked on the specific project, and what is the margin that your company has made against each Project after all the expenses.

Note: These reports by default show the data of the current month. Click here to know more about editing these reports.