By adding the live tracking component to an object, the user can track time for an object and pause it at any time and continue to track time again.

Note: Object sample is taken as Case Console here.

Add the Live tracking component to an Case Console

  • Upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application to version 1.130 or above from Salesforce App Exchange
  • Go to the Case Console view page and from the setup button click the Edit page
  • Search for Tabs in the components search box, and drag and drop the tab sidebar to the right-hand side of the screen as in the screenshot (marked in red)
  • Click the Details tab and select Custom and name the component as Live Tracking or any other name as per your requirement and click the Done button
  • From the components list, drag and drop the "LiveTrackingforConsoleAPP" tab to the live tracking section and click the Save button.
  • Now the Live tracking component is enabled for Case Console in your org.

Activate the Live Tracking component

  • Click the Activation button which is next to the Save button, you see a pop-up screen as below, click the Activate button

  • Go to App Record type and Profile, and click on "Assign to Apps, Record Types and Profiles"
  • Click on Add Assignment and select Case Console and click the Next button
  • Click the Next button on the "Select on Factor" screen, select Master and click the Next button
  • Select the specific profiles from the list to show the Track Time lightning component and click the next button
  • You see the list of profiles which you have selected, cross-check if the right profiles are selected in this screen and click the Save button
  • Now the Track Time lightning component is added to the selected profiles. Once the user clicks on a case in Case Console screen, they see the Live tracking component
  • Select the Project, Task and click the Check-In button. You might see a different object to track time in the Live Tracking as the administrator might have setup a different object for tracking time
  • After they Check-In they see the Pause and the Check-Out button
  • The user can click the Pause button to take a break and hit the Restart button to continue with the tracking
  • Click the Check-Out button to Check-Out.

Note: If you want to track time for multiple cases at a time, you can enable the saperate option in the TimeTracker configuration screen. This allows the user to track time to multiple cases at a time.

Click here to know more to enable the time tracking option for multiple cases at a time.