Yes, you can change the language for the TimeTracker users that use the app in Salesforce. To avail of this feature, please upgrade the TimeTracker application to version 1.132 or above.

By default, the TimeTracker app is set to the English language, and you can change the language to Korean or Japanese for a specific user by following the instructions below

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator
  • From the settings page, go to the Salesforce Users tab
  • You see the users list on the right-hand side,
  • Click the Edit button for a user to whom you wish to change the language
  • In the user edit screen, go to the Locale settings section
  • Change the language to Korean or Japanese
  • Save it
  • Now when the Salesforce user logs in to Salesforce, they see the language change for the TimeTracker related fields and objects

Note: Currently, the TimeTracker app supports Korean and Japanese languages apart from English.