Some new features implemented in the TimeTracker application can be configured from the backend by the Tech at the PK4 Technologies for your org. The current build of the TimeTracker application does not have the option to enable the features using the  TimeTracker configuration screen.

Here is a list of items that can be configured from the backend.

  • Context-sensitive behavior: This is to add sensitive filters on specific objects
    • e.g: If the configuration is set to track time as
    • The first level object is set as a combination of Project and Case
    • Second level object as Task
    • Third-level object as Worktypes
    • As the first level object is a combination of Project and Cases, the user sees a list of Project and Cases for tracking time. We can add filters to show, specific Tasks related to the object selected in the First Level object.
      • e.g:
      • If the User selects Project for tracking time, the second level object Task will show only the Tasks related to the selected Project.
      • If the User selects Case for tracking time, the second level object shows only the Tasks related to Cases
  • Jira Configuration: The Jira users can now track their time and use the PTO object in Jira. Please contact the PK4 Technologies for implementing the same in your org
  • Azure AD: The TimeTracker users can now use their Azure AD to login to the TimeTracker application, please let us know if this has to be implemented in your org.
  • Check-In and Check-Out Signature: If the TimeTracker users are service engineers and they go to the customer place for servicing, the users can take the custom signature at the Check-In and Check-Out time.
    • The Check-In/Out signature can be enabled at the backend, and the TimeTracker user can take the customer signature at the time of Check-In and Check-Out.