The release notes and the details on the fields and objects introduced in the TimeTracker version 1.135

  • PK4 TimeTracker Lightning Components (Live Tracker, Manual Tracker, and Auto Tracker) are now supported on all Salesforce objects. Previously, objects that did not have a NAME field showed an error. Specifically, the Lightning Components are now available on the FeedItems and WorkOrder objects.
  • The Summary Page now supports Japanese and Korean languages
  • Section Headers on the View/Record page updated to support Japanese / Korean
  • Upgrades to the Project Management module
    • Gantt Chart: Users can now create Project / Task and Task Assignments
    • Kanban Board: Users can now create Task Assignments
    • Resources: Introduced a new tab called Resources
      • Shows Task Assignments for all people reporting to the Signed-in User. Each user is shown in a different color.
      • Shows Task Assignments across Projects
      • Signed-in User can see her team and their Assigned Tasks as a bar graph
      • The Signed-in User can Add / Edit Task Assignments for members of their team
      • If a person is on PTO for a specific day(s), the day shows up in orange color for the cell(s). This helps to identify the PTO clearly
      • On hovering over the Task Assignment in Daily view, shows the Total Assigned Hours for the Task and the Daily Assigned Hours. Daily Assigned Hours is a calculated field of Total Assigned Hours divided by the number of working days
      • The New Help button allows Users to view articles from the Knowledge Base and Raise a Ticket
      • New Refresh button on the top right corner. Shows the date and time of the last refresh.

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