If you work on the same project and Task on multiple days, you can use the Weekly tab to enter the time. The weekly tab makes it very simple to enter the time.

By using the Weekly tab, you select the Project and Task only once and can enter the time for the whole week.

  • The Weekly tab helps you enter individual or multiple time details,
  • By default, the weekly tab shows the time entries of the current week. So if you already have time entries for the current week you see them prefilled in the weekly tab,
  • You can refer to the time entries that are already there and enter only the missing ones.
  • The Weekly tab also shows the Total hours of a day and the total hours of the week.
  • By default, the weekly tab allows you to enter the time details of the current week from Monday to Friday.
  • If you are working on the weekends, click the check box "Include Weekends". Now you see the option to enter time for Sunday and Saturday.
  • Click the submit button after you enter all the time details.

Copying the previous week's time details

  • You can also copy the time details from the previous week.
  • If you worked on the same Project the previous week, then simply click on the "Copy from prev week" string.
  • You see the Project, Task, hours, etc., copied from the previous week. Edit the time details if required and submit the time.

You can also enter your time if you work on the weekend by following the instructions here.

You can enter up to 10-time entries in the Weekly tab. If there are more than 10-time entries to make, click the + button that is on the left-hand side bottom. This adds a new row for you to enter more time details.

The weekly tab also shows an alert message if the hours worked exceed the 8 hours limitation in a day. You see a yellow alert icon in the total row.

Note: You might see different objects for tracking time. As your system administrator might have set other objects for tracking time as per your orgs requirement.

Also, as you are not selecting the Start and End Timestamp in the Weekly tab for submitting time details. By default, the start time is set to 12.00 a.m. in the TT Details.

  • If you want to change the start time, please contact us at support@pk4.techCurrently, the default time should be set up from the backend. However, we are actively working on implementing a solution to allow the admin users to set the default start time using the app configuration page.