We introduced the TT Materials object and the Quantity field in the TimeTracker application.

The users can now enter the materials that they carry to the customer location along with the quantity of each Project.

Please add the materials in the TT Materials tab in Salesforce. Only then you can select the materials used while entering time details.

To enter the time details along with the materials.

  • Go to the Time Review tab,
  • You see a button as "New" in the My Time, click it
  • You see a pop-up to enter the time details, select the user, Project, Task, etc.,
  • In the Material Used section select the materials and the quantity used.
  • Click the + button that is next to the Quantity used field, to enter more materials and Quantity details
  • Click the Save button to save the time details. Or click the "Save & New" button to enter more time details.


When you enter Materials and Quantity along with the time details, two entries get created in Salesforce.

1. TT details

2. TT Materials

TT Details shows the time details, and the TT Materials objects show the details of the materials and the quantity used for this specific job. And you see the TT Materials and Quantity details in the related tab of the TT Details.

Note: Currently you can enter Materials and their Quantity only in Salesforce. This option is not yet enabled in the TimeTracker Mobile or the TimeTracker Web app. The feature will be introduced in the Mobile and Web apps soon.