The default tabs that you see in the TimeTracker app upon login to Salesforce are

  • TT Users: This tab shows the TimeTracker user details in your org
  • Multiline Time Entry: This tab is used to enter time on a Daily or a Weekly basis
  • Time Review: The TimeTracker users can enter time 
  • PTO: This shows the PTO details of the TimeTracker users. PTO is an add-on in the TimeTracker application, you will not see any details if you do not have a PTO license enabled in your org.
  • Expenses: The TimeTracker users can add their expenses from the Expenses add-on app. The users can use the app only if the Expenses license is enabled in your org
  • Project Management: The Project Managers can assign tasks to the TimeTracker users if your org is enabled with the Project Management app. The project Management app is an add-on in the PK4 TimeTracker application
  • TT Apps: This tab shows the App Keys created in your org. Usually, there will be only one App Key for every org, a new App Key should be created only if you have the users working at multiple locations with a different configuration setup for tracking time.
  • TT Details: The TT Details tab shows the time entries made by the users using the PK4 TimeTracker application. The time can be tracked by PK4 TimeTracker mobile app, Salesforce app, Web app, Chrome Extension app.

To add more tabs to the main list,

  • Click the pencil icon that you see on the right hand side of the screen,
  • Click on Add more items button in the popup,
  • Click on All string from Available Items section,
  • Search for the tab that you want to add to the main list,
  • Click the + button and click the "Add 1 Nav Item" button,
  • And Save it.

Now the tab that you selected in the Add items list are added to the default tabs in the PK4 TimeTracker app in Salesforce.

Note: You should follow the same steps to remove a tab from the default list and click the X button of a Tab, and save the chanes.