You can mass edit the user rate for specific Projects.

Mass editing the user hourly rate in the list view.

  • Watch this video to know more about mass updating the user's hourly billing rate
  • If the User Hourly Billing rate is non-editable in your org, follow the instructions below to make it editable
    • Go to Setup and search for TT detail object and click it,
    • From Fields and Relationship, search for "User Hourly Billing rate" and click it
    • Click the "View Field Accessibility" button
    • From the fields list search for "User Hourly Billing Rate",
    • Select the Editable field for your profile,
    • Enable Check the Check-box Visible field and save it.
    • Now you can edit the User Hourly Billing rate in the list view

Note: By changing the user Hourly Billing rate in the list view does not change the user default rate. The changes made in the list view are applied only to the specific TT Details that you changed.