Yes, you can approve the time details of users that report to you by email. 

You will be able to approve time entries by email only if your TimeTracker Administrator has enabled a scheduler that automatically sends out an email at specified times. 

  • Click here to learn more about how the scheduler can be enabled in your org.

As a Manager,  you will get an email with the Time Details of all the users that report to you. You can respond to this email to approve the time details. You can use "Approved, Fine, K, OK, or Yes, to approve the time details.


  • The email will have all the UnApproved time entries of the users that report to you
  • If you respond to the email with any other words that are not mentioned above. The time sheets will not be approved, and you get an email with the following details.

    • "Your approval was not accepted since it did not contain one of these keywords: Approved, Fine, K, OK, or Yes; had "N" instead".

  1. Currently when you Approve time entries via email, all the entries in the email that you received are Approved.
  2. You cannot Reject or Ask for Corrections via the email process. You can only do that within the TimeTracker application within Salesforce or on the TimeTracker Web application.
  3. You may see some time details without an End Time. This is because time details are included even if the user has not Checked-Out.