When refreshing a new sandbox, the licenses and configurations are not automatically copied, and you see an error message when you try to access the app.

Follow the steps below to create a clone of the existing Appkey in the Sandbox, appending the postfix as <appkey>-MMM-YYYY. 

For instance, if the Appkey in Production is 'alpha1a3,' the sandbox Appkey should be 'alpha1a3-Feb-2024.'

1. Create a clone of the existing Appkey in the Sandbox.
2. Copy the configuration from Production using the provided link."
https://dftly.com/dftly/sfdc/apiv2/time/cloneAppkey?appkey=36e1cfb1&clone_from_org_id=<Production Org Id>&clone_from_appkey=<Production Appkey>&clone_to_org_id=<Sandbox Org id>&clone_to_appkey=<Sandbox Appkey>.

Note: Don't include the spaces after or before the para values.