While creating Volunteer Recurrence Schedule if you have not given the Scheduled End Date for Volunteer Recurrence Schedule, the VFS (Volunteer for Salesforce) has a feature which automatically creates Volunteer Recurrence for 6 Months. So after 6 months, Volunteer do not see their names on the Signed up list when they try to Check-In for Shift on the V4S Kiosk.

To solve this issue, follow the procedure below
  • From Salesforce Admin Id of your Org
  • Go to Volunteer Jobs Tab
  • Click on the Job for which Volunteer is not able to see his name in the Signed up list
  • Click on Related Button
  • Go to Volunteer Recurrence Schedule List
  • Click on Edit for Volunteer for whom you are not able to see the name on the Signed up list
  • Without making any changes just click on Save
Now, VFS has created Volunteer Recurrence Schedule for another 6 Months.

You see the same issue for Job Recurrence Schedule, as the recurring Shifts does not show up on the V4S Kiosk for Volunteers to Check In. Click here to fix the issue.