If the Volunteer Status is not changed from Confirmed to Completed and the Volunteer is not Auto Checked-Out of his Shift, please check the end dates of Auto Scheduler in the org.

If the Scheduler has ended or deleted then the Auto Check-Out does not work.

Click here to know if the Auto Check-Out scheduler is enabled in the org

More information below to check the Scheduler end date 

  • You should be logged in to Salesforce as an Administrator
  • Click on Set up
  • Scroll down to see "Jobs"
  • Click on "Scheduler Jobs"
  • You see a list of Scheduled Jobs created in the Org under "All Scheduled Jobs"
  • Search for the Scheduler created to auto-check out Volunteers
  • Click on Manage, which redirects to the Scheduler details page
  • Check the End date of the Scheduler
  • If the Scheduler has ended already, please create a new Scheduler in the org to Auto Check-Out Volunteers and to update the Volunteer Status
  • Click here to learn more about creating a new Scheduler in the org or the Scheduler has ended.