Upgraded app release of V4S Mobile 1.26 and V4S Kiosk 2.6, B 143

As all are aware that the upgraded version of V4S Mobile and V4S Kiosk applications are released, here is some more information about the upgraded application.

The apps must be upgraded to the latest version in Salesforce to 1.26 from Salesforce App Exchange and to the latest version 2.6, B 143 from Google Play Store for Android devices and from iTunes Store for iPad/iPhone

The upgraded version of V4S Mobile is with the new feature which syncs the data across all devices in the org, and all the Volunteers/Volunteer Managers can see live data on all the devices related to Signup, Check-In or new Job or Shift added in the org is synced on time.

Some instructions while using the upgraded version of V4S Kiosk is given below

Please instruction the Volunteer Managers who logs in the V4S Kiosk application as below

  • The V4S Kiosk app must be left untouched at least for 2 minutes once they have logged in to the V4S Kiosk application
  • This is suggested because the upgraded V4S Kiosk application takes a few minutes to sync the data across all devices in the org upon log in to the V4S Kiosk
  • The app may not function properly while the data is syncing from Salesforce to the device, so the Volunteers may find it difficult to scroll the Jobs and Shifts screen while the data is syncing with Salesforce and updating it on all devices
  • Once the data is synced to the device from salesforce there is a flash on the mobile on the Jobs and Shifts screen which is an indication to know that all the data is synced with Salesforce. Now the Volunteers can scroll the Jobs and Shifts screen to Signup or Check-in for the Job or Shift they wish to
  • Once the volunteer Signup or Check-In for a Job or Shift the Status is updated immediately on all the devices in the org. The current status updates will make Volunteers easy to Check-In/Out if the org is using multiple devices for Volunteering services in the org.
  • There is also a new button in the V4S Kiosk application as "Sync with Salesforce" which is under the V4S Kiosk Settings menu. The "sync with Salesforce" button can be clicked if the Volunteer Manager sees that the live data is not updated on the device.


  1. Please do not make any changes in the V4S Mobile Configuration screen in Salesforce to add/remove any filters related to Jobs and Shifts in the org, as the current build of V4S Mobile app does not support editing of the config screen and if any changes made from the front end may affect the app and the app does not work properly.
  2. If any changes required in the configurations for the V4S Kiosk application, please email us and we will add the filters from the backend.
  3. We will give an option to edit the configuration screen shortly, until then please inform us if you need any configurations changes related to the V4S Kiosk application.

We suggest that you do the upgrades in the beginning or the midst of the week and not at the weekend. This is suggested because if you find any issues related to the application after the upgrades we are afraid that the resolution may be delayed due to the nonavailability of our development team in the Weekends.